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About Us

Dr. David LewDavid C. Lew, MD, FACC, FSCAI, ChairmanWe may look different, but our hearts all beat with the same dreams.

In the early 1990’s, internationally-recognized Interventional Cardiologist Dr. David Lew, founder of FHV Health, had a dream, too.

He dreamt of bringing cardiac catheterization – the most sophisticated tool available for diagnosing heart disease – to our community. An idea skeptics said was impossible outside of a major hospital or teaching facility such as the one Dr. Lew was affiliated with at the University of Florida.

He took on the skeptics …and he proved them wrong, performing more than 800 cardiac catheterizations that first year.

By taking advantage of this relatively easy access to the inner workings of the heart, our cardiologists could locate blockages or narrowing within the coronary arteries, and see whether heart valves opened and closed properly.

Soon, we began performing interventional procedures like angioplasties that cleared out blockage and cardiac stenting. Now, not only could we diagnose heart disease using catheters, but we could actually treat it.

Today, nearly 25 years later, FHV Health offers services that are far-reaching in breadth and scope. Our team of consultative and interventional cardiologists are committed to providing patients with the highest level of cardiovascular and peripheral vascular care by combining advanced training, clinical trials and other research, a highly-trained nursing staff and leading-edge technology.

The practice has developed improved techniques and technologies which today have become the industry standard. Our cardiologists were the first in the area to perform procedures including cardiac catheterizations, primary angioplasty, repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms and carotid artery stenting to prevent or alleviate strokes.

In an effort to bring the latest in research and medical breakthroughs to our patients, our physicians not only participate in some of the most important research into new diagnostic technology and treatment options, they closely watch ongoing research being conducted worldwide.
Lobby-insideWe have been involved in select national and worldwide investigations of leading-edge procedures and technology, and have been selected as national expert preceptors for the purpose of training colleagues nationwide in the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of vascular disease.

Today, patients have access to our onsite cardiac catheterization labs and private recovery rooms, EECP and coumadin clinics, cardiac ultrasound, Cardiac CT, and PET scanning, a sleep lab, cardiac rehab, electrophysiology exams, and vein care.

A Multi-Specialty Approach

Meeting the needs of patients in better ways is the primary reason we formed our Multi Specialty Group which brings together specialists in general surgery, endocrinology, kidney disease, urology and primary care.

This multi-specialty approach may help our doctors detect disease earlier, and treat it more effectively.

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COVID-19 at FHV Health

Due to shortage of proper safety and testing equipment, we are unable to perform COVID-19 tests in our facilities. Follow the link below to read our official statement regarding how our offices are handling COVID-19 and where in the area you can get tested.

COVID-19 General Information

Stay Informed: The CDC is closely monitoring the novel coronavirus outbreak. Visit their website for public information.